#45 Why Your Starts Keep Stopping: How to Stop Quitting & Successfully Reach Your Health Goals

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To help turn information into transformation, we have worksheets with specific episodes. Today, we have three versions of habit trackers so you can find the one that you love - and that will help you succeed in your health goals! Tracking is a significant way to improve success. Grab these worksheets to get started.

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Join us for a timely conversation about the common experience of starting new habits and then quitting. We have three simple mindset flips and strategies to help listeners break the cycle of failure and successfully change.

Not only do we break down the three top reasons why health goals often fail, but we offer practical solutions for each one that can change everything for you - and exponentially increase your chances of success! If you're feeling like you've already fallen off track with your goals, this episode is for you.

Successful change is possible. 

00:00:00 - The Human Experience of Quitting Habits

00:00:31 - Strategies for Successful Habit Change

00:01:12 - The Reality of Quitter's Day

00:03:08 - Top Reasons for Failing Health Goals

00:03:50 - Unrealistic Goals and Their Impact

00:04:25 - The Importance of Starting Small

00:07:26 - Planning for Potential Barriers

00:08:42 - Seeking Help for Goal Planning

00:10:21 - The Power of Slow Progress

00:11:16 - The Commonality of Relapse

00:12:08 - Negative Self-Talk and Relapse

00:13:24 - Learning from Lapses

00:14:10 - The Importance of Tracking Progress

00:15:05 - Reframing Setbacks as Learning Opportunities

00:20:33 - The Effect of Sharing Goals with Others

00:21:38 - Encouragement to Continue Pursuing Goals


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