Let's get you feeling good again using simple, science-based strategies that create lasting changes!


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I¬†create purposeful movement programs to empower your full body¬†‚ÄĒ mind, body, and soul¬†‚ÄĒ with resilience & strength. My exercise & rehab approach is rooted in biomechanics, science, & holistic principles. We delve into your whole body's movement, reshaping how it moves collectively so you feel better long term. Let's transform the way you move, think about your body, and experience life in your body, together.

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Have you found yourself in a frustrating loop of trial & error, searching for that elusive solution to how your body feels?

  • I understand that the journey can be overwhelming, filled with conflicting information, unmet expectations, or injury set-backs.¬†
  • Do you have¬†lingering doubt from past attempts, where your efforts seemed to fizzle out, and pain didn't stop, and your body failed to get stronger?
  • Or perhaps the financial constraints have made investing in your well-being feel impossible.
  • Many have stood right where you are, hesitant to try again,¬†believing that a change just isn't in the cards.
However, here's the truth: your past doesn't dictate your future, and you don't have to journey alone.

I'm here to guide you toward a tailored, science-backed path that leads to real, sustainable results. No more piecing together, no more self-doubt ‚Äď just a clear, effective plan that's designed to transform your well-being.

The world of health information is vast, often conflicting, and can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated. 

I've helped individuals just like you navigate these obstacles and witness remarkable changes in how their body feels.

You deserve a comprehensive, cohesive approach that addresses your unique needs, all without the guesswork. It's time to stop the cycle of confusion and self-blame. It's time to rewrite your story, to cast aside those doubts, and embrace the possibility of a healthier, happier, stronger you. 

Let's walk this path together, proving that lasting change and a strong, resilient body is possible! 


Elevate Your Well-Being through Movement: Unlock Your Body's Natural Potential


  • Feeling Better in Your Body: Experience a transformation in how you feel as we tap into your body's natural potential for well-being.
  • Lasting Positive Changes: Discover science-based movement strategies that create lasting shifts in how your body feels when you move.
  • Accessible Fitness:¬†Reap the accelerated benefits of personalized yoga and fitness sequences designed to fit your unique needs and goals.
  • Boosted Strength and Mobility:¬†Tap into your body's true potential for strength and increased mobility, all while improving¬† posture and alignment.
  • Stress Relief and Calm: Find solace in movement that also acts as a remedy for stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling calmer and more balanced. Movement supports your mind, body, and soul.

What if I provided you with the tools to unlock a stronger version of yourself?

Imagine dramatically reducing the overwhelm and uncertainty that's been holding you back on your journey to healing and a stronger body. Imagine finally having a clear path forward, backed by proven strategies that have transformed lives. 

Unlike other programs or health professionals that promise quick fixes but leave you feeling more lost than before, this solution works because it's rooted in a deep understanding of your unique challenges. I've synthesized years of experience, science-based methods, and heartfelt dedication to craft a plan that aligns with your individual needs. 

The solution to your problem is important, and it's time to make that shift toward a healthier, more vibrant you where you know your body and what works for you.

I've seen laughter light up the room as my clients surprise themselves with newfound strength. I've witnessed tears of relief as the burdens of stress and fatigue are released with every intentional breath. Movement changes our mind, body, and soul. This is the transformation I invite you to experience


Are you tired of sifting through countless fitness routines and health advice, desperately trying to piece together a plan that actually works? Be honest, how many reels do you have saved that you still aren't doing? I get it ‚Äď the health and wellness journey can feel like an overwhelming puzzle with missing pieces. But let's make one thing clear ‚Äď it's not your fault - it's the tornado of information you've been given. Let's use science and create a simpler, long-term plan that works for your body and your real life- and creates¬†change you can be proud of because it lasts.¬†



stepping into each day with enthusiasm, feeling strong and capable to do what your day demands, and embracing life and your purpose to the fullest. Let's turn your health journey into a powerful transformation that will leave you feeling stronger, joyful, and confident in living your purpose here on earth.

 Enhance Your Movement, Reconnect with Your Body, and Thrive:

  • Discover a remarkable journey of both self-discovery and physical transformation.¬†Dive deep into understanding your body, revitalize your relationship with it,¬†begin understanding your body more and and embrace a new level of connection that eliminates frustration and uncertainty.
  • We work together to find biomechanical inefficiencies and¬†forge a path toward efficient and pain-free movement patterns. This is the ultimate solution for those seeking to move better, unhindered by discomfort and hidden tension.
  • You will learn to self-assess and understand your body so much better and create comprehensive body awareness

Experience the difference of purposeful, results-driven programming designed for your transformation. Let's embark on this journey together, empowering you to understand and enhance your body, moving better and feeling better every step of the way.

Experience the Power of Evidence-Based Training:

Here are a Few of the

Transformative Benefits

of My Custom Programming

Guaranteed Faster Progress

Experience the transformative power of programmed progressive overload as each exercise and every session builds on the last, propelling you towards lasting change in your body's strength and mobility. Random exercises get random results. Let's change that together. 

Efficient for Busy Lives

Short and targeted sessions designed to accommodate your unique, busy lifestyle, focusing on exercises that yield maximum results by doing the MOST,  addressing MObility and STrength at the same time and  improving your overall muscle, bone, and joint health.

Tailored for All Levels

My sessions and programs are designed to be for everyone - whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gym-goer. Special adaptations ensure inclusivity, catering to individuals with chronic illnesses or specific health needs.

Holistic Health Redefined

Discover training as a transformative journey towards reclaiming your health and strength. Build a robust foundation that empowers you to excel in all facets of life. Movement supports your mind, body, and soul, and understanding that changes how you see exercise and fitness.

Evidence-Based Movement

Experience the advantages of my evidence-driven approach that improves your body strength, daily functionality, and long-term well-being, all rooted in proven scientific principles to foster healing, create strength,  increase energy, and help you feel good again.

Extended Wellness Horizon

With my guidance, embark on a path to longer well-being. My aim is to boost your health span, ensuring your body feels its best for the long term, aligning your physicality with your life's purpose to help you do what you were uniquely put on earth to do.




Ready to embark on a journey of movement that revitalizes your mind, body, and soul? I believe in a holistic, life-long approach that goes beyond physical appearance. It's about feeling strong and resilient and moving (and living) with purpose. 

Say goodbye to stressful routines and hello to a world of joyful movement that fosters genuine well-being!

Let's start a conversation and create a personalized plan that will leave you feeling better, stronger, and more alive than ever before.  Let's take the first step together!

Join me in embracing a new approach to fitness using simple, science-based movement strategies to make your body feel good and create lasting changes!

There's a better way to move that feels good!
And I'd love to show you. 

Hi, I'm Heather

I'm a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), and certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist with the National  Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I also have training in the pelvic floor, gait mechanics, exercise for aging,  biomechanics, and neurovision.

I'm passionate about making movement and exercise accessible to everyone at any age ‚Äď especially women. I want to¬†guide you toward a tailored, science-backed path that leads to real, sustainable results. No more piecing together random workouts, no more self-doubt, no more disappointment ‚Äď just a clear, effective, fun plan you'll execute with my encouragement that's designed to transform your well-being!¬†

My Current Services

The breakdown

Introductory Movement Assessment

Feeling sticky or nagging pain? Has chronic pain caused you to stop doing things you love? Coming back from pregnancy or a health event? This free session is the first step to help you take your body back. You'll get to know my style and we will discuss where your body is at, move through 10 key assessments to help uncover what's holding your body back, and create personalized recommendations to get you moving again.

Get to know my style


Get to know what it's like to work with me at the best possible one-time pricing. Try this unbeatable deal because you will get to experience how quickly you can get stronger and increase flexibility in just 2 weeks, plus you will get to experience how having a productive plan creates faster change.

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Breathing & Pelvic Floor Assessment

This bundle provides a comprehensive assessment of your pelvic floor & breathing function to identify any deficits & create a tailored treatment plan for your body. This is done via video and is not a physical exam. 


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Ready to Change How You Feel?

Customized Packages 

I am passionate about providing personalized yoga and fitness packages that will help you meet your health & body goals (strength gains, weight loss, more mobility, less anxiety, stress relief, etc).  I work with you to create what you need to fit your budget and create lasting change - mind, body, and soul.


I'm so glad I've found Heather! Between the movement and Heather's personality, I feel stronger, more energized and happier after session.




Heather is an exceptional human being. She is able to take my abstract descriptions of pain or aches and tweak a movement or session so that issue is completely alleviated. Seriously, she is the first practitioner I’ve ever worked with that understands the body well enough to edit a movement in real time to completely eliminate a weird pain or pull. As a full-time working mom, sometimes I am tired and sometimes I am energized. She fine tunes each session to challenge your body in new ways while syncing your body and mind. Her sessions are fun, relaxing, and challenging. After every session, I am amazed at how much better I feel mentally and physically. 

She meets you where you are in the moment with positivity. 


Very sweet and Attentive.


We hired Heather for in-home yoga lessons for my husband and me. We didn’t have even a moment of awkwardness. She was prompt, patient, professional, knowledgeable and - this is important - both pleasant and appropriate. We are looking forward to a long relationship with this coach.


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