#44 The Loudest Noise in the World: Navigating Body Satisfaction, Body Image, & Advertising

& It's Impact on Our Health

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In this week's episode:

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Do you know what the loudest sound in the world is? It's not what you think it is...

In a world bombarded by incalculable messages about our bodies, health advertising, relentless social media feeds, and harmful body image standards, it's time to turn down the noise. But do you know where it's really coming from? In this episode we're looking deep into the intricacies of body image in a noisy world and what what it shows up as in our own individual lives.

Heather Young, C-IAYT, CPT, RYT 500 explores the invisible impact of noise about our bodies, health advertising, and social media on our perception of ourselves and others and, more importantly, how they effect our well being.  

Discover strategies to turn down the noise, reclaim your peace, and cultivate a healthier relationship with your body. Join the conversation and reclaim your body image in a world that's often deafening with messages about our bodies. 

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