Probiotics, Parasites, and Your Gut's Role in Brain Health and Neurological Diseases, Including Parkinson's: Martha Carlin, Co-Founder of BiotiQuest

episode 59 podcast Apr 16, 2024

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Discover the groundbreaking research and personal journey of Martha Carlin, founder of BiotiQuest, as she researches the connection between the gut microbiome and Parkinson's disease. From the surprising benefits of exercise to the role of a specific class of parasites and the power of probiotics, Martha shares her insights and experiences in this eye-opening episode. Learn how the microbiome impacts overall health and how targeted probiotics can support specific conditions. Don't miss out on this critical conversation illuminating the gut-brain axis and its implications for Parkinson's disease and neurological health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discovering the transformative power of exercise on Parkinson's symptoms.

  • Exploring the influence of microbiome on neurological health, including the potential role of parasites like Toxoplasma gondii.

  • Understanding the innovative approach of targeted probiotics for specific health benefits, and their potential in reshaping medical treatment.


  • Expert Guest: Martha Carlin, Co-Founder of BiotiQuest

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