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I only wish I had started working with her sooner

 Jennifer has been a godsend in helping me change my life and meet my health goals. Prior to connecting with her I had exhausted my options with my general practitioner and my health insurance specialists. I was left feeling frustrated, unheard and left with unresolved problems. When my friend recommended Jennifer I was concerned I would still not have answers. Instead I was met with a kindhearted person who expressed genuine concern for my problems. She has you fill out the most comprehensive health background forms and your goals, and I was impressed she actually studied them and connected so many dots before our first meeting. I had never had a health practitioner review my health background with such care. Not only did I feel heard and understood, but she quickly helped me map out a strategy (with options) to meet my goals. If you are worried Jennifer will ask you to make extreme changes that you are too painful to make, no need to fret, she helped me make incremental changes at a pace that was realistic for me to sustain. She was patient with my countless questions and incredibly encouraging along the journey. I am the healthiest version of myself today, no small part because of Jennifer. Working with her is a valuable investment in yourself that you won't regret. I only wish I had started working with her sooner.

Kassandra E

They are truly the best at what they do

Working with Heather & Jennifer has been life changing - literally! The expertise in their fields has given me the support to know what questions to ask doctors and has helped me get answers I never knew I needed. Through their custom built plans that were simple yet essential steps, the downwards trajectory of my medical results has shifted into the positive, and I feel stronger in my body and mind than ever before.

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I truly can't express my appreciation enough.

I started getting migraines with auras in my early 20's although it would take me a couple years to realize what they were. I eliminated every common "trigger" for migraines and if anything they only got more frequent. I saw doctors, brain neurologists, and physical therapists over the course of a few years and felt so dismissed, at one point even being told "this is just what happens to women sometimes." I was given medication to "help" with the pain but nothing to ever figure out the source. 
When it came to my health, I felt helpless and alone, trying to figure out the cause by myself. After 5+ years of having migraines several times a month and the anxiety that came with it, I attended a SheDay event and was blown away by Jennifer's talk. I spoke with her after and immediately felt that I had finally found someone that would be on my team and would help me figure out my medical mystery. 
Every single conversation I had with Jennifer, I felt listened to, respected, and guided in a way that was empowering and not belittling. She dispelled so many myths for me that had actually been harming my health instead of helping. She has always been compassionate, data driven, and the plans she has created for me have always felt achievable, taking into consideration my life and preferences. 
I can't remember the last time I had a migraine and I never thought I would be able to say that. The difference for me was that she focused on the source, and not just my symptoms. I've never felt pushed to make appointments, but she continues to be there whenever I need her. 
I recommend her to everyone I share this story with, because feeling like you have someone on your team, who is with you on your journey means absolutely everything. It's not an overstatement to say that she has absolutely changed my life, my view of my health, and has done so in such a holistic, positive, & supportive way. 
Thank you so much Jennifer for giving me the understanding and tools to heal my body! I truly can't express my appreciation enough.
I have grown so much

I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to work with Heather Young & Jennifer Klotz for over a year & a half and it’s been such a joy. 

Both are experts in their fields and passionate about promoting women‚Äôs health and education. I have grown so much in my understanding of having a healthy relationship with food, how to move my body and gained confidence I‚Äôve never had before while working with these ladies.¬†Heather and Jennifer not only care for your physical wellbeing, but your emotional, mental, and spiritual welfare. I always leave their sessions feeling encouraged, motivated, and armed with new knowledge to implement in my life.‚ÄĚ

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made me feel very safe

I used to brush aside quirks, both physical and mental, as 'just the way I am' with no idea that I could work to decrease their effects on my life.

Now, whenever a quirk appears, I pay attention to it and bring it up during a session to see if there's a way to work on it.

The most significant changes for me mentally, physically, and spiritually were recognizing and naming trauma, allowing myself to identify triggers and take them seriously to work on my reactions and decrease their influence, while gaining a better understanding of how to support my low blood sugar, and getting the clearest skin I've had since high school.

Jennifer had experience in both the physical operations of the body as well as the mind. That, coupled with our mutual faith, made me feel very safe with her.


I feel like I am a whole new person! 

I am able to do so many things now that I was unable to do for the last 3 years (i.e., play on the floor with my grandson, work in my flower beds (bending, stooping, kneeling), go up/down my stairs all day long without any issues, etc.).  I can not only feel but also see the changes in my body both health wise and mentally.  My health symptoms continue to resolve themselves as I work with Jennifer.  I try very hard to keep my on-line journal updated.  I feel more confident that these changes are making me the person I know I can be!  Both Heather and Jennifer have nothing but my best interest at heart.  They are both huge positive influences in my life, that I am extremely grateful for!  Neither is judgmental of anything that we discuss, or address. 

I have learned that NOTHING is impossible!  You need to be honest, and willing to work for what you want and then you can achieve anything.  Again, if you are willing to take the time to work with someone like Heather and/or Jennifer, nothing is impossible.  I want to heal my body and mind so that I can be the best person I can.  I do NOT want to take prescription medication with all of the side effects that each comes with.  Both Heather and Jennifer is making is possible to heal my body from the inside out with natural supplements.  That is BIG for me!


Renee K.

Feeling the love ‚̧Գé


Leslie B.

I have been working with Heather for the last several years and cannot say enough wonderful things about her!

She is so patient, calm and positive.

She makes every session interesting and physically appropriate for me as a senior. She helps to keep me active and strong. I always look forward to our weekly sessions. Get in touch! You won't be disappointed!

Molly D.

What made Heather stand out from other coaches and trainers was her authenticity and expansive knowledge. Heather‚Äôs programming is guided and informed by evidence based training concepts enhancing strength and function within the body. She addresses acute injuries, deficits, and rehabilitation impeccably, however, her greatest strength is customizing programming to optimize physical function long term. Heather has experience across the life span, and¬†also speaks into the importance of physical health being foundational in the purposes we are called to. Among many things, I am a nurse, mother, & wife‚ÄĒHeather‚Äôs coaching and programming has allowed me to thrive in the higher purposes of my life.

Heather encourages me to be grateful for a body that shows up for me each and every day to do it’s job.

Heather has a beautiful way of pushing me to become stronger, while at the same time making our sessions fun, interesting, full of new moves and effective. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body. I feel safe asking her questions and she always has in depth answers. She always takes into account how I’m feeling each session before we begin and adjusts the workout accordingly on a dime. Heather encourages me to be grateful for a body that shows up for me each and everyday to do it’s job. When I started doing restorative yoga with Heather I was barely able to hold myself up on my hands and knees. I have grown in leaps and bounds with her knowledge and support on this journey. I plan on doing yoga with Heather as long as I can as she truly has changed my life for the better!

Susan D