Essential Health Tips: 5 Expert Insights You Need to Know

episode 65 podcast May 21, 2024

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Listen as experts provide their best advice that will absolutely transform your health, improve your mindset, change your relationship with your body, and help you take care of yourself with more meaning and purpose. This episode is your cheat sheet for breaking through the noise and silence you’ve been looking for. 

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Expert Guest #1: Amy Newland, CPT

#050: Fat Loss Versus Weight Loss versus Muscle Loss: What's the Difference and Why It Changes Everything for Your Health - Amy Newland, CPT

Expert Guest: Martha Carlin, Co-Founder of BiotiQuest

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#059: Probiotics, Parasites, and Your Gut's Role in Brain Health and Neurological Diseases, Including Parkinson's: Martha Carlin, Co-Founder of BiotiQuest

Expert Guest: Jean LaMantia, RD

#047: The Underdiagnosis and Mismanagement of Lymphedema and Lipedema: Jean LaMantia, RD and Cancer Nutrition Specialist


Expert Guest: Clara Collie, RD, LDN, CPT

#049: 5 Mindsets Shifts that Help You Overcome Setbacks and Achieve Your Health Goals - Clara Collie, RD, LDN, CPT


#057: Social Media's Impact on Your Health: Unpacking the Pitfalls of Popular Fads & Trends Including Oatzempic, Bone Broth, and Nature's Ozempic

#043: How to Be Your Own Health Advocate at the Doctor + Appointment Tips for Getting Good Care

This season has been a journey of discovery, breaking down barriers, and revealing quiet truths beyond the noise that can truly change your life. There's been a common thread weaving through these conversations—a call to embrace the quieter whispers of wisdom and have a willingness to start to do things differently. Enjoy!

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