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Does Washing Fruits and Vegetables Help Remove Pesticides?

When the EWG publishes its “Shoppers’ Guide to Pesticides in Produce” every year, it is reporting the fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides AFTER they have been washed and peeled. Um, we should repeat that… The dirty dozen is fruits and vegetables that have been tested equally weighing six factors that examine how many pesticides are on the produce and at what levels. All samples are washed and peeled prior to being tested for pesticides, so the rankings reflect the amounts of the chemicals likely present on the food when is it eaten.

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Balance Your Hormones With Good Fats

Women cannot have proper hormonal balance without adequate amounts of fats, including saturated fat. Healthy fat is the raw material that we need to produce and maintain proper hormone function.Quite simply, what you eat is either helping your hormonal production or hurting you by causing unpredictable imbalances. So what are good fat choices and how do they affect your hormone balance?  

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