SHE Spotlight: The Pure Apothecary

Pure Apothecary scientifically balances organic and natural oils, herbs, butters, and essential oils to capture their health benefits.

Pure Apothecary scientifically balances organic and natural oils, herbs, butters, and essential oils to capture their health benefits.

We love so much about the products made by Pure Apothecary - starting with the intentional use of glass containers. Women's hormones can be affected by a laundry list of things we use daily, including the plastic bottles we store so many of our beauty products in, as well as the additional chemicals and fillers that most companies sneak into their products. Read more on "cleaning up" your bathroom here.

For founder, Hannah, it is important that Pure Apothecary products are free from the top offenders for health and hormone balance, including chemical preservatives, parabens, sulfates, fillers, petroluem, phthalates, endocrine distributors, and carcinogens. Hurray! Instead, Hannah scientifically balances organic and natural oils, herbs, butters and essential oils to capture their health benefits and hand makes each product herself! 

Hannah, Founder of Pure Apocathary

Hannah, Founder of Pure Apocathary

We love Hannah's journey to her passion for clean, organic beauty products. It wasn't an easy one, but she was open to learning and exploring along the way to reach a place of health and vibrancy! 

Since she was a teenager, she struggled with not only acne, but also rosacea and psoriasis. Going from one dermatologist to the next, no one was able to help solve her skin irritations.

Fast forward a few years, and she began researching how much our skin reflects what we consume. (It really does! If you're breaking out all the time, your body is trying to talk to you!) She became a vegetarian and switched to organic produce and vegetables, but some of her problems still persisted.

Fast forward another year or so and she traveled abroad to Ghana where she contracted malaria. She was on a lot of medicine to treat the disease and felt the strong dosages' negative affects. When she returned to the United States, the first thing she did was go on a cleanse to help her body feel renewed.

"At this time, I not only ate organic meals but also started making my own beauty and household products. Combining the two was the key. This was when most of my skin irritations went away! I was amazed! My friends and family truly loved all of my products and encouraged me to start selling...and so, I did!" Hannah shared. 

And thank goodness she did. We've tried and loved several of the Pure Apothecary products including the Chamomile Eye Serum, Rosemary Tincture, and Hibiscus Face Mask. Enjoy learning more about her unique approach to beauty below! 

How did you choose the name "Pure Apothecary?"

Hannah: I wanted a name that reflected our commitment to safe, all-natural, and simple handmade goods.

What kind of products do you make?

Hannah: I make artisanal unisex skincare products made exclusively from natural ingredients. I currently offer a Clarifying Toner, Chamomile Eye Serum, Rosemary Tincture, two unique salt scrubs, Herbal Facial Steam, Hibiscus Clay Mask, and an All-Purpose Cleaner.

How did you choose the ingredients for your products?

Hannah: With ingredients ranging from Hawaiian alaea sea salt to bentonite clay, I formulate products that combine essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to create beautiful, effective products. I believe in the power of natural ingredients, and hence center our line on the use of pure, safe alternatives to the harmful chemicals found in products at the grocery and drug stores.

We love the Hibiscus Face Mask! What does it do?

Hannah: The Hibiscus Face Mask is one of my favorite products! [It is one of our favorite products too!] The mineral-rich ingredients will even the skin’s complexion, improve elasticity, decongest pores, and alleviate irritation and redness. Plus, who wouldn’t want to send a quick snapchat when their face is painted bright burgundy?

How did you decide what products to make?

Hannah: In spite of popular belief, a minimal skin care routine can be more effective: great basics really do the trick. Instead of creating a huge quantity of products, I focus on perfecting the essentials.

Why would you recommend handmade products? What sets them apart?  

Hannah: I believe in tangible results that you can see and feel. Handmaking our products guarantees that the products are as fresh as possible when they arrive on your doorstep!  This ensures they are as potent and effective as possible.

What do you do to run a sustainable business?  

Hannah: I focus on sourcing ingredients from local producers in order to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as from sustainable, organic companies, such as Mountain Rose Herbs. Additionally, our products are shipped in 100% recycled boxes to further reduce our carbon footprint. By using all-natural ingredients, we are saving the planet and ourselves from the countless harmful chemicals that have yet to be banned by the FDA.

Why are organic, clean skincare products so important?

Hannah: I understand that America’s beauty industry needs a makeover. My promise to our customers is to never use synthetic fragrances, fillers, endocrine distributors, carcinogens, parabens, or sulfates. I believe that the smallest shifts can collectively make a huge impact. By buying all-natural skincare products and household cleaning supplies, you are eliminating your chemical footprint and demonstrating you care not only about what you put onto your body, but also about the environment.

What does sustainable, healthy, and ethical mean to you?

Hannah: Sustainable, healthy, and ethical means recognizing and appreciating our bodies and our planet: we each have to do our part to protect the people, animals, and things with whom we share this Earth.

What are your favorite sustainable, healthy, and ethical brands?

Hannah: I currently love these brands:

Numi Organic Tea: great tea and its production facility is powered by solar energy!

Everlane: an online clothing company reshaping the fashion industry by providing the details on where their garments are made

And, anything second hand :)

What is your favorite guilty pleasure when the going gets tough?

Hannah: My current guilty pleasure is Sun Basket, an organic meal kit delivery company. Their nourishing vegetarian meals are simple to make and delicious to eat!

Visit to check on the clean beauty products Hannah makes! If you try one, stop by and let us know what you think.