Ready to try a fun, low-key way to do Plastic Free July? We’re doing a “Real-Life, small-changes-make-big-differences, progress-focused challenge!

Use this PDF to track all your changes as you can do them. No perfection needed! It’s a fun way to celebrate that every choice matters - and small changes make big differences - for your health and the planet.

The goal is to tally up how many plastic-free choices you can make in one month. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish!

The more things you can try, the better! See what it feels like to bring a new plastic-free switch into your life. Maybe it fits great, maybe it doesn’t for some reason. Just remove any expectations that just because you’re open to trying something new means you have to feel guilty if you stop or it doesn’t fit well right now.

Experiment, see what fits, and use the next month to build your awareness on all the choices you have every day.

How to participate:

  1. Download the PDF.

  2. List all the plastic-free “wins” you’ve been wanting to try or that speak to you and check off each time you do it. The goal is volume - no perfection needed! You’ll be able to see what fits in your real life right now and what’s just not happening at the moment. Once you fill up a sheet, print a new one and keep going! You can also make this checklist in your own journal too!

  3. Tag #plasticfreeishchallenge and we’ll celebrate your small wins with you! Science shows that the brain pays attention when we do something if we stop and acknowledge and celebrate the win - it makes it easier to do it again, helping form new habits.

  4. Each week in July, check in with your Plastic Free Wins. What are you crushing? Keep building the habit! Is there something that hasn’t happened yet? It’s ok to be surprised by that. Insert a new option to see how it works for you in the upcoming week. Remember, there are hundreds of ways to cut your plastic usage, so you don’t need to get stuck on one.

  5. When you join the challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to win plastic-free prizes! We will be giving away our favorite plastic-free products to everyone participating in the challenge all month long! When you tag @shechangeseverything in your posts or stories and use the hashtag, #plasticfreeishchallenge, you’ll be eligible to win that week’s prize. Stay tuned for all the fun announcements! Plus, if you manage to make one plastic-free choice every day in July and tag us on Instagram or Facebook, we’ll send you a SHE reusable straw to celebrate your effort!

To get inspired on plastic free switches you can try out, check out our entire plastic-free section here.