What's A Girl To Do... To Find a Non-Toxic Candle?

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One of the most relaxing actions you can take is to light a candle, BUT we now know that most candles are not healthy for you! Regular candles are made from cheap ingredients that are actually a source of indoor air pollution and release gas chemicals into your home that are known to cause cancer and are just as dangerous as second-hand smoke! Yes, that is really bad news, but keep reading, there's good news too! 

It can feel really confusing, but there are healthy options out there! Promise.

Here are few tips to make sure any relaxing candles you invest in are healthy.

You simply need to pay attention to three things: the wax, the wick, and the scent, which we break down below.

There are two main categories for wicks: cored and non-cored wicks. Cored wicks have paper or metal at the center with cotton wrapped around them. Non-cored wicks are usually made of a braided or twisted cotton.

Also, switching from any candles listed with "Fragrance" or parfum / perfume to essential oils is important for choosing candles, but also important for every product you bring into your home. We break that down here.

Back to candles: just follow the simple guidelines below to help you fill your home with beautiful, SAFE scents.

How to find a candle with non-toxic wax.

What healthy, non-toxic candles brands do you love? Please share in the comments below!