A Kitchen Lifesaver for Blending Powders & Foaming Milk

There is nothing more delicious than a foamy, creamy latte. My favorite treat is an organic, fair trade, unsweetened, almond milk latte from my local coffee shop. However, ever since I discovered lattes I have always wanted to make my own at home for so many reasons – you know 100% what is going into it, it’s cheaper, and you don’t have to leave the house to get that delicious latte goodness.

My family so lovingly bought me an affordable espresso machine six years ago. And while my machine did have a milk frother, many affordable espresso machines don’t have a milk frother. Plus, to be honest the machine I have doesn’t work well at all! Just a few of the awesome things my affordable espresso machine did in the process of frothing milk. And I am using “frothing” loosely here, lol.

1.    It runs out of steam before you even get the milk foamed.

2.    It burns the milk because there is no temperature regulation despite using a thermometer.

3.    It gets warm, but doesn’t actually foam despite watching YouTube videos on the best techniques.

4.    It doesn’t even start steaming despite having the needed water, etc.  

Eventually, I just used it to make shots and added plain old milk. The frother just did not work. However, I really wanted a foamy latte, especially because at the time I was still living in Illinois. Hello cold weather! It turns out that the Aerolatte was the solution!

I had never heard of this little gadget and had an electric milk frothing machine on my wish list when I could afford one. Luckily, one day a co-worker introduced me to the amazing Aerolatte! This little gadget was a game changer : ) It 100% does what it claims to do, which is actually foam milk!

This slim handheld wand is a battery-controlled frothing device. Within 15 to 30 seconds you can achieve creamy, foamy milk and have powders that are fully mixed. No more clumps!

Once you’ve used it, you simple rinse the tip of the wand under a stream of water and leave it out on the windowsill on in the dish rack to dry. This removes the whole clean-up process of big, foaming machines. Totally a win!

Plus, it’s is efficient, very inexpensive, and foams milk wonderfully. Can you just feel my love for this little product? It will seriously change your life. Not only can you use it to foam milk, but you can also use it to blend simple drinks such as an adrenal drink, medicinal drinks, turmeric lattes, or a simple protein shake (basically the simple protein powder and water/milk kind).

It is so simple to make a delicious latte. Brew your organic coffee, gently heat your milk on the stovetop and once heated grab your favorite mug or mason jar and blend until your desired foam is reached. Pour your coffee and milk together and enjoy!

If you have any questions, just send me an email at jennifer@shechangeseverything.com. I love talking about all things coffee, latte, and delicious!