7 Things I Learned Working for SHE Changes Everything


Wow! 2 years ago Heather called and offered me a position interning for SHE Changes Everything, which I excitedly accepted. Since then, I have officially become a part of the SHE Team, traveled to California and Arizona, learned so much, and gained a great community of people (SHE-sters). I wanted to pass along seven of the most important things I've learned while working for SHE Changes Everything! 

A little bit of background about how I got the job... I started following SHE Changes Everything in its very early stages. I raved about it to my friends, liked every photo on Instagram, and deepened my knowledge on all things sustainable, healthy, ethical. One day they posted a picture on Instagram saying they were looking for interns and I was SO EXCITED but also SO NERVOUS. I turned in an application but felt incredibly unqualified, yet still hopeful. I was so surprised and so happy to get the internship! Little did I know then what I would learn... and that I'd be working for them for two whole years! 

#1: Plastic is bad.

If you had asked me at the beginning of the internship why plastic is bad, I would have responded with another question: "Plastic is bad?" I recycled whenever possible, but I had no idea that's not enough! Only 10% of plastic ever made has been recycled, the rest is filling up our oceans with great damage to us. Click here for a link to all our plastic free blog posts! 

#2: This community is amazing.

This was something I already knew, but getting to meet so many people in real life and being introduced to even more people on Instagram introduces a whole new world of knowledge! Y'all are so encouraging and friendly and a joy to connect with! 

Mirror pics are okay to post if the mirror has something inspirational written on it, right?

Mirror pics are okay to post if the mirror has something inspirational written on it, right?

#3: Progress, not perfection.

This is something we say all the time. If you run to Wal-Mart and buy a cheap t-shirt, packaged food packed with high fructose corn syrup, and a plastic water bottle... IT'S OKAY. You can still be making PROGRESS. None of us are perfect, especially in our SHE journeys! This is something I've also learned when it comes to my work life. My goal may be to finish a blog post by a certain day, but sometimes life happens or it takes longer than expected and I only get a couple paragraphs done. And that's okay! Because it's progress, not perfection. 

#4: Activated charcoal rocks. 

It's a time-proven detoxifier. Because it's highly porous and has a negative charge, it draws out positively charged gunk by attracting the substance, binding it to itself, and then carrying it out. This is why charcoal bars clean out your pores and why you can use it if you eating something you shouldn't.

Note: You can get practitioner-grade activated charcoal from Jennifer here - you'll just need to create an account and she gives you 20% off! (Bonus: she has a lot of her favorite supplements for women in there that are the highest medical-grade quality - no junky fillers your body can't digest.)

Intuitive eating and reusable water in Phoenix. Not pictured: chia seed pudding! 

Intuitive eating and reusable water in Phoenix. Not pictured: chia seed pudding! 

#5: How to eat intuitively. 

"Intuitive eating" wasn't a phrase I had heard before, but Jenn has talked about it at SHE Day and shared a blog post about it. Since I started eating more intuitively (still an area I struggle A TON with) I have felt a lot better and discovered I had a dairy intolerance. 

#6: I like people. Not spreadsheets.

Heather and Jenn do a great job of assigning me various tasks that utilize my strengths, and also help me discover new passion areas. One of my favorite jobs at SHE is getting to be the vendor liaison for SHE Days. I much prefer that over the one time I spent 18 hours on ONE spreadsheet. I haven't looked at that spreadsheet since I submitted it to them!!! But I guess that's part of #internlife.

#7: You have to pay to become fair trade certified.

This was something Elisha Chan, founder of Elisha C. and the executive director of Fair Trade LA, brought up on our "Ethical Shopping Made Simple" panel at SHE Day LA. To receive a fair trade certification, you have to pay for it. This is why a lot of smaller brands may not have it - they simply can't afford it. But when you look at them, they are still ethically made and do meet the qualifications of being fair trade! Thanks for teaching me, Elisha C.! 

I'm incredibly grateful for the SHE Team and the last two years! I can't wait to see what lessons I'll learn next! 

What's one thing you've learned from following SHE Changes Everything? I'd love to know! 

- Madi

The SHE Team :)

The SHE Team :)