The Magic of Tiny Business & YOUR BEST Business Advice!

If you work for a small business or you own a small business, you know.... small businesses come with their own BIG problems and head scratchers! 

We recently were given a copy of Sharon Rowe's new book, "The Magic of Tiny Business," and it tackles a lot of the mindset and step-by-step process that it takes to succeed, eliminating the guess work. 

Sharon is the founder of Eco Bags, a company we LOVE. (You know how much we mean it when it's all capital letters, bold, AND italics ; )

The dedication lays it out bluntly: This book is for those who want to build a profitable business on their own terms by doing work that is meaningful - and still be home for dinner with family and friends

Can we get a "Heck Yes!" for that work/life balance?!? 

Sharon is very clear that a tiny business is NOT tiny is size. It is actually profitable and successful because it is tiny in focus: keeping a laser focus on what is essential and eliminating what's non-essential. (Wise advice in both business and life).

If you are currently running your own business or thinking about starting one, this will be a great read. It has a sneaky bonus though - in as much as Sharon gives you sound business advice, she also dishes out just as much information on LIFE. 

Case in point, this excerpt:

Walk into a room with no agenda and know that you’re interesting (enough) and that something YOU say will connect with another person...find someone standing alone, walk up to them, and say, ‘I don’t know anyone. What brings you here?’ The more you walk into rooms without an agenda, the more comfortable you’ll become walking into rooms.
— Sharon Rowe, Founder, Eco Bags

It works to network at business events and at any event in real life! 

When we posted about Sharon's new book, we also asked all of YOU what your best business advice was...and you all came through with so many absolute gems! It's funny, most of this we all know. But, common sense is not usually common practice, so the reminders to bring these pieces of advice back to top of mind.

Check them out and choose ONE to tackle this next week. Write it done in your calendar and journal to create a reminder to be thoughtful about it every day and then move on to a new one next week. 

Small changes and simple adjustments to our mindset can be HUGE! 

Advice from your fellow SHE-sters! 

1. "Don't compare your progress with anyone else's journey! Everyone has their own path. - @redemptionmarket

2. "Take every day one step at a time." - @summer.steeny

3. "Customer service is everything!" - @daisywheel.20

4. "No expectations!' - @sustainableinstilettos

5. "Learn to work with the ebb and flow of progress, not against it. Sometimes you regress in one area to make room for something bigger." - @chloeannheckman

6. "You're only competing with yourself. Ask yourself, 'Are you your best self at this point/here?'" - @stephawesomie

7. "Make a list of six most important things each morning (or evening depending on your energy). Sit down and power through this list with no distractions." - @erika.for.hope

8. "If you are self-funded, create a budget early on and stick to it no matter what. You don't want to get 2 or 3 years in and run out of money. This isn't sexy but being practical usually works out." - @lucyandjoexploring

9. "Be true. And be sure of yourself. Connect with people. Find the balance between intuition and planning. Back yourself. You are in charge of your reactions. Everything can be a lesson." - @hempt_arraei

10. "Take the moments to celebrate even the smallest things that go well!" - @joyinthejourneywithrachel

11. "Take time for yourself. It's hard to set boundaries as a small business owner!  - @janamelinda

12. "Don't compare your weakness to someone else's strength. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but working together we are able to capitalize on all the strengths!" - @drawntothesun



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