5 Simple Shopping Habits to Make An Ethical Closet

5 Steps to An Ethical Closet.png

When you begin your journey of shopping ethically, start small. And by small, we mean really small with "everyday" items!

Instead of feeling the pressure to run out and replace every item in your closet, just start with the items you wear all the time and need to replace more frequently!

We highly recommend socks :) Yes, really. SOCKS! You wear them almost every day (until flip flop season starts ;)

Here are 5 ways to shop ethically (it is a massive bonus to find companies that create products that fulfill more than one!):

#1: Buy items second-hand. If you want to step up your thrifting game, we have some tips for you here!

#2: Buy items that are healthy and non-toxic. Wear Pact is one of our favorite brands that uses GOTS cotton, which is 100% free from all the nasty pesticides in conventional control. In addition to being safer for YOU, it is safer for the agricultural workers who are exposed to the pesticides in conventional cotton in high levels. They deserve safe working conditions just like factory workers deserve safe working conditions when they sew the clothes!

#3: Buy items that are fair trade. Ten Thousand Villages is one of the oldest fair trade brands and they've impacted thousands of lives by selling beautiful-made products. They have a lot of great sock options, including Conscious Step fair trade, organic cotton blend socks that help protect the world’s oceans by making a donation to Oceana to protect the world’s oceans when you purchase your socks! You win, the planet wins, and the people growing the cotton to make the socks win!!! 

#4: Buy items that are better for the planet. Look for companies that focus on working with recycled materials, conserving many limited resources, reducing the energy used during manufacturing, and more. A great example would be Teko Socks! The company uses wind power, pays fair wages, ships all materials by boat instead of air (a lower carbon footprint for using fossil fuels) and so much more! 

#5: Buy items from companies that consciously give back or support a good cause. When Bombas learned that socks were the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters, this company started donating a pair of socks for every pair sold. It donated a million pairs in just 2.5 years after setting a goal to do it in 5 years! 

Remember, when tackling an ethical closet, the smallest, simplest start is to simply to make conscious choices and celebrate what you CAN do - even if it is something as small as socks - because small changes make big differences! 

Are there any brands that meet these qualifications you want us to know about?