The Heart Heals

The Heart Heals

This buzz word right now in the wellness space is #meditation and while I am all about the brain connection for wellness, one of the more important aspects of wellness in my opinion is your heart.

The heart is just as important to our thoughts and decision making as our brain.


Well, science shows how our heart is not just a pump, it actually helps with our decisions

Because every cell is connected to our brain, and our heart is connected to every cell, and because our heart is equally controlled and affected by our brain, every cell in our body is affected by our thoughts.

Our emotions are generated by chemicals made from thoughts in the brain, and these chemicals pass through our heart, which is like a check-in station for these chemicals that will lead to emotions.

I mean, how cool is that?

When you heard growing up, check your heart, this is the exact response that advice is talking about. Your heart is responsible for checking the integrity and accuracy of your emotions. That still small voice you hear or feel coming from your heart before making a decision? Trust that, because it is real and so worthy of being trusted.

The most common statement I hear from the women I work with, “I knew that the…” fill in the blank… doctor, pill, procedure, etc was not right, but I did it anyway and now I hate myself for not listing to my own intuition (that’s another problem all in itself which I will talk about later – forgive yourself for what you did not know or do!).

Because of this, our hearts play an important part of our thought life, but also in healing. Because it is in constant communication with our brain and our whole bodies. When you listen to your heart, it secretes ANF (atrial natriuretic factor) - a hormone produced by the heart that regulates blood pressure and also can creates peace in your body. Peace means tranquility, calm, restfulness, peacefulness, quiet, quietness.

The most profound healing comes from a place of rest.

If you cannot find peace in your thoughts, your job, your relationships, your body, etc you will struggle to be well.

I know this first hand from my own healing journey. I have been practicing for 10+ years and the people who are willing to listen that they are their own best nutritionist or doctor, and they need to start listening to what their own heart or intuition is telling them to do, are the ones that find their healing & wellness.

So I hope this inspires you to start trusting your heart and intuition. It’s a real chemical reaction that science has proven exists, and let me tell you, it’s powerful because it’s where God speaks.

Be well,

Jennifer Klotz, MS, RDN, LDN