Headed to SHE Day! Simple Tips For Sustainable, Healthy, Ethical Travel

Our indomitable intern Madi Williams is headed out to Los Angeles for SHE DAY: LA !  She's sharing her thoughts on her simple sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) choices and sharing them with you, whether you're travelling to SHE Day also, or just have travel plans in the future. Also, join the SHE Facebook Group: SHE Community before Saturday! Madi will be sharing updates, LIVE videos of some of the sessions, and vendor discounts with the community throughout the day! 


Tomorrow I’m leaving for Los Angeles and I am SO EXCITED! I’m also super lucky because I get to stay with Heather and Jenn for a few extra days and help set-up! They have put an incredible amount of work into the event, our sponsors have put together an incredible swag bag, and our vendor set-up is going to be SWEET!  

Since I’ll be flying, I wanted to share some of my favorite sustainable flying tips. I know I’m not going to be the only out-of-towner at this event!

Tip #1: Bring an empty, reusable water bottle on the flight.

A lot of people leave their water bottles at home and buy a plastic one after they go through security, but you can actually bring your so long as it’s empty! After you get through security you can fill it up at a water fountain. If your airport is large enough to have a Starbucks, you can even ask them to fill it up for you.

Tip #2: Talk to the people next to you.

I always talk to the people next to me on flights and have had a lot of interesting conversations. Start with questions about what they’re doing in whatever city you’re going to. Chances are they’ll ask it right back and if you’re going to SHE Day, there’s a fantastic opportunity to potentially get someone else to go or at least have a great conversation about what you’re passionate about!

Tip #3: Don’t buy travel-sized toiletries.

Buy reusable travel-sized bottles you can fill up yourself. Since they’re reusable, they are going to significantly cut down on the amount of plastic you would use! They’re bigger and can fit way more shampoo than the ones in hotel bathrooms.

P.S. Anyone have any healthy shampoos they love? I’m on the hunt for a new one!

Tip #4: Bring a book.

Flying gives you a chance to take a break and rest. If you can’t take a nap, take the time to learn more about something new! Next up on my list is “Find Your True Fork” by Jeff Krasno.

Tip #5: Fly as sustainably as possible.

Flying is not the most eco-friendly way to travel, I think everyone can agree on that. Though there are a few ways to minimize your footprint while flying!

  • Pack light.  Heavier bags weigh down the plane, so it requires more fuel to take off and stay in the air. Less fuel = less carbon dioxide! If you need help knowing what to pack and what to leave at home, here is a great post on what one ethical fashion blogger packed for almost three weeks in Europe!

  • Fly budget airlines. Budget airlines fit more people in a plane, so each person is leaving a smaller footprint. Budget airplanes are also newer and newer aircraft is more eco-friendly.

  • Purchase economy seats. Economy seats are also smaller, so more people can fit on a plane. Again, this means each person leaves a smaller footprint!

  • Take a direct flight. The most amount of fuel is used during take-off and landing, so avoid layovers whenever possible! Taking less flights saves you time and saves the environment!

  • Shut your shades.  Leaving the window cover open lets in a lot of sunlight and heat, so the plane requires more energy to cool down. Definitely take advantage of an open window if you have it, but make sure you close it before you leave!

Tip #6: Purchase a carbon offset.

No matter how sustainably you try and fly, you can’t fully get rid of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon offsets can! Carbon offsets are reductions of carbon dioxide emissions that you can purchase to reverse your environmental impact. They look differently depending on which project you’re supporting but can range from planting trees to purchasing windmills. TerraPass also has a handy calculator so you can see how much carbon dioxide you’re emitting in your daily life.

If you have any more tips on how to travel sustainably, leave them in the comments!

For those of you unable to attend SHE Day, enjoy your time at home or whatever else you’re doing. Make sure you like SHE Changes Everything on Facebook and join our Facebook Group SHE Community to follow along with what we’re learning. I’ll be sharing more tips and tricks and live streaming parts of the event itself! I’ll also be posting exclusive coupon codes for those of you who can’t attend the SHE Marketplace but still want some fun, ethical goodies!

For those of you who are going, see you there!


Madi Williams

Here's a picture of me featuring some of my favorite SHE brands. Here is my "why" behind starting to live a sustainable, healthy, ethical lifestyle. These 2 quotes punched me in the gut and kicked me in the butt on getting started:
#1) "I don't want anyone wearing anything which is produced by our blood." -Bangladeshi garment worker in @thetruecost 
#2) "Every dollar you spend is a vote cast in the type of world you want to be living in." These are the quotes that have left me personally convicted. 
Ultimately, it all comes down to wanting to be my best self, and my best self is making the world a better place for everyone else and doing what's best for myself. 
So for me, my best self eats fruits and veggies everyday... preferably from the #clean15 because they have lest pesticides. My best self goes for runs, swims, does yoga, or even goes to classes at the gym. My favorites are body combat and Zumba, in case you were wondering. My best self drinks out of reusable water bottles and buys notebooks that give back to education. My best self journals in them. My best self volunteers locally and says encouraging things to people I love. My best self loves everyone. My best self does #plasticfreejuly. My best self reads my Bible daily, prays constantly, goes to church on Sundays, and worships in all my actions. My best self buys clothes made from organic cotton and made from workers treated fairly. 
My best self is not who I am. But my best self is who I'm trying to be. Because I honestly and truly believe that my actions can make a difference in this big, crazy world. I believe every little choice and every difference adds up, especially in the fight against human trafficking (I actually wrote an eight-page research paper on that). I live a sustainable, healthy, ethical lifestly because I believe it's the best lifestyle. #mySHEwhy