Water: A Girl’s BFF for Health & Beauty (Sponsored by Pura Stainless)

Drink more water for health and beauty!

Did you know that your water bottle is a legit fountain of youth? 

You MUST drink enough water! This simple habit can make all the difference in your health and beauty! Your body uses water in every system, and water is needed to transport nutrients to all your cells and transport waste out of the body. Detoxification crawls to an absolute halt without it! Drinking enough water is the biggest, most important supporter you can focus on to keep your detoxification pathways moving and your health high.

Here is another big benefit: water is one the biggest beauty secrets! It keeps your skin clear of acne, boosts your skin’s natural elasticity and suppleness, and more.

Water really is a girl’s BFF for beauty and health!

Estimates are that 75% of Americans have mild, chronic dehydration, so this is something that ALL of us can focus on. Use this worksheet below to double check how much water you should be drinking and how often. Invest in a reusable water bottle and keep drinking throughout the day! Then use the simple 7-Day Hydration Challenge, which you can download below, to check in with how well you’re doing with hydration! It might surprise you!

*This post is thoughtfully sponsored by Pura Stainless. 

We couldn’t be happier to partner with Pura Stainless to bring you this challenge. Pura is solving a major two-fold problem: 1) the sheer volume of disposable water bottles that we are all using (more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day, and 2) the toxic exposure we all get from disposable plastic (including BPA-free plastic!). Read more about the problem of plastic bottles here.

Pura has created a reusable, plastic-free stainless steel bottle! Perfect for staying hydrated throughout the day. The stainless steel is comprised of 60% recycled material* and is fully recyclable with a lifetime warranty. Check them out

Bonus: Pura’s products are also Non-Toxic Certified by independent non-profit MADESAFE.ORG. This certification process tests for 80,000+ known chemicals.