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This handbook is designed to make the switch to a safer, cleaner lifestyle as SIMPLE as possible - to empower you with the knowledge to make your own informed decisions about what you put on and in your body. If you're not sure why it matters or where to start, it doesn't get any easier or more informative than this pretty little labor of love we're handing over to you. And on EARTH DAY, no less! We're introducing: 

  • "the belly button theory," (it makes this whole chemical / non-toxic living thing doable!)
  • ethical fashion (who knew it could help save the planet)
  • clean green and delicious smoothies
  • cleaner beauty (ladies, this is a BIG one!)
  • and so much more. All in beautiful bite-sized sections you can take one at a time. Hope it's so helpful! 
I LOVE the entire handbook and will dive into it more thoroughly but I really love the ideas for the three essential oils- because those are the three oils I have, not even knowing how “essential” they really were!
— Jackie

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In it you'll find sections devoted to:

  • CLEANER FOOD (w/ recipes)
  • CLEANER FASHION (Sponsored by JOYN)
  • CLEANER MOVEMENT (w/ a Yoga Flow)
  • PURCHASING WITH PURPOSE (Sponsored by Purpose Jewelry)

We’d love nothing more than to have you over to our living room to talk about all the changes and swaps you can make, but since that isn't possible, the next best thing is to deliver this PDF to you!  Just sign up below and we'll get it on it's way to you!

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So much green goodness in the SHE spring handbook! Thank you! Hard to pick a favorite tip there were so many!
— Amy

This has taken time and resources to create, which is, in part, thanks to our thoughtful partners! Please check out JOYN, Purpose Jewelry, and more on the pages of this handbook. They are doing incredible things and have perfect items for Mother's Day! 

And be sure to follow along for our A Greener Spring giveaway on Instagram, starting April 24th!  We absolutely can't wait to shower out incredible products right from the pages of this handbook. Plus, we have a grand prize from our sponsor JOYN: the indigo suede crossbody bag!

We'll be filling it with a $25 gift card from Remedy Road (they have so many cute products that you'll want ALL THE THINGS!), a beautiful silver BALANCE necklace from Purpose Jewelry, BeautyCounter, doTERRA essential oils, and many of the clean, green products you see inside the handbook!  

Loved the yoga sequence! I am training for a half marathon and working to get back to more 80/20 eating plan. This will help my body, along with being intentional about getting in my detoxing veggies like broccoli.
— Kim