5 Shortcuts to Making Healthier Smoothies With Impact!

Eating smoothies with fresh, whole organic, Fair Trade ingredients are an amazing way to fill your body with good nutrition and vote with your dollars for better agriculture standards! 

Eating smoothies with fresh, whole organic, Fair Trade ingredients are an amazing way to fill your body with good nutrition and vote with your dollars for better agriculture standards! 

Honestly, smoothies are a secret health weapon for busy women intent on chasing big dreams and living a sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) life of IMPACT!  There is no faster way to fill up your body with the goodness of whole, nourishing foods! When your body has the nutrients it needs, your think more clearly, have more energy, and stay healthy! And you can fill smoothies with foods that reflect your personal values as well.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite tips to get the most out of your smoothies:

1) Buy frozen fruits and vegetables. They actually are picked and flash frozen shortly thereafter, preserving all their nutrient density (vegetables and fruit start losing their nutrition the moment they are picked)! Even better? It doesn't matter if you have a crazy week and despite your best intentions don't make as many smoothies as you planned. You won't be stuffing wilting fresh greens or vegetables back in your fridge, or worse yet, tossing them out. Keep your freezer full of frozen fruits and vegetables!  

BONUS: Frozen fruits and vegetables make your smoothies nice and cold without adding ice! 

AN EVEN BIGGER BONUS: You don't have to prep the fruits and veggies. No washing or chopping, which is one less excuse if you're in a rush. 

2) Look for the Fair Trade symbol - yes really! Avocados and bananas are two smoothie superstars that should have a Fair Trade symbol!  You can also look for organic mangoes, pineapple and grapes! Fair Trade Certified™ fruits and vegetables are grown in healthy, happy farming communities and ecosystems and are healthier than conventional produce because they are grown in nutrient-rich soil free of harsh pesticides. This is good for you AND good for the workers. There is nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing the devastating health conditions agriculture workers exposed to pesticides struggle with needlessly. Check out this list of fair trade products from Fair Trade USA.

3) Add vegetables and dark leafy greens to your smoothies! This is the easiest way to boost your daily vegetable intake! Frozen kale, sweet potato, cauliflower, or broccoli (yes really!) are a good place to start. Add 1/2 cup to your next smoothie. Here are more tips on how to easily eat more vegetables! 

4) Do NOT put fruit juice in your smoothies! There are so many recipes floating around the internet that use juice and honestly, its just not healthy for so many reasons! 1) Juice is a fast digesting sugar. When mixed in with all the fiber and good fats of your smoothie, it's a recipe for feeling bloated because the fruit juice digests fast and starts to ferment and "rot" while waiting for the slower digesting foods to be broken down. 2) It's a sugar hit that is going to leave you with a sugar crash. Not cool for a women with things to do! 3) Unless you are juicing or buying raw, organic unpasteurized juice, all you are drinking is SUGAR. Contrary to what the processed food companies want you to believe, fruit juice is not a health food. Its a fake food with zero health benefits left after being "cooked", otherwise known as pasteurized. 

5) Pile with purpose. The best way to get a evenly blended smoothie is to put everything in using the following order. Following this order intentionally a few times and you will start doing it automatically!

First: Pour in any liquids.  
Second: Add any powders (protein powder, superfoods, spices such as cinnamon, etc.). This lets them blend in evenly instead of being chunky or unmixed if you add them at the top.
Third: Add in any soft fruits or vegetables.
Fourth: Top it off with any frozen fruits or vegetables or ice. Tip: We love using frozen fruits and veggies and skipping the ice.

Cheers to healthier smoothies with impact! We hope these simple tips keep your blender in business : ) Cheers! And tag #SHE365 and show us your creations!