Celebrate SHE Choices All Year Long with SHE365 Inspiration


We are so thankful for each and every one of you and the community that is growing here at SHE! The past year was a great year of growth and learning, and we have exciting dreams for the year ahead! 

Seeing woman embrace the simplicity of small sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) choices that add up to BIG IMPACT all together keeps us motivated every day! There are literally hundreds of thousands of SHE choices that can be made each day! That's what makes it so easy and exciting. Impact doesn't have to be overwhelming. Each day presents new choices. Choices that fit into life. And they all build on each other to create a sustainable, healthy, ethical lifestyle! 

We decided what better way to keep our momentum going as a community than to send out one simple SHE choice each day for the next year! We calling it SHE365! It is a daily tip spotlighting a simple choice you can make!  

You can send us suggestions or show us the choices you're making in your life so we can celebrate with you by using the tag #SHE365. 

We truly believe in how much encouragement, inspiration, joy, and IMPACT can come from making even just one simple sustainable, healthy, ethical shift! It enriches your life and the lives of others! We are already looking forward to everything that's possible in the next 365 days!

All our best,

The SHE Team