SHE Spotlight: Emily Sexton of The Flourish Market


Amidst driving her ethical fashion truck around Raleigh, managing her online ethical fashion boutique The Flourish Market, and now, writing for the Huffington Post’s Good News Blog, we were able to scoop Emily up for an interview.

What did you do before The Flourish Market?
I still giggle reflecting back on this season of my life. I was actually a Vice President of Communications and Change Management for a Swiss Investment Bank. For those who have met me in real life, they giggle too. 

I'm not sure that I fit into the average mold for an Investment Banking employee, but I loved that season of my life for so many reasons. I had the opportunity to live and work all over the world -- with my favorite temporary home being London for a few years. 

I learned so much about winning others over to new initiatives and I worked with the best team on the planet.  

Was there a "switch" you remember being flipped that led you to change careers?
I owned and operated a photography studio 'on the side' of my Investment Banking career, that I still enjoy running today.  My love for doing photo and video work for social enterprises steadily grew and grew and I felt so drawn to platform vulnerable people groups in a bigger way. 

Those feelings over a few years culminated one Spring day and I remember crying so hard the day I told my boss I was leaving.  I am such a relational person, and I knew that I would miss my team so much (and I do!).  But, I knew that I was being called to step out in faith to the story that was being written in front of me.

The best part?  I hadn't even had the specific vision yet for The Flourish Market when I quit, but I knew something big was on the horizon.

What's your favorite guilty pleasure when the going gets tough?
Let me just preface this with 'Yes, you should totally judge me for this!'  Please judge away, because I myself even realize this is so ridiculous.

So, my guilty pleasure when things get crazy?

I clean and sort and tidy the heck out of my house.  You would think that I just watched an episode of Hoarders.  I am a crazy woman on a mission and no one can stop me. 

Random mate-less socks, inventory boxes, paperwork that is probably important but who the heck cares in that moment -- YOU HAVE NO CHANCE.

And now let me try to normalize myself.  In the middle of a crazy day, the wildest things get for me is that I make myself stop to watch the Ellen show.  I dream of one day being on her show and playing 'Know or Go.'  This is obviously a very important life goal.

Whats been the most rewarding part of this week for you? (I'd guess it has something to do with The Huffington Post?? ;)
This week was a bit more eventful than most.  We were able to announce that I'll be a monthly contributor to The Huffington Post, and I was able to share my first article, 'How to Make a Difference in 2016.'

The reason I would classify this as 'most rewarding' is not because of the opportunity to be a monthly contributor to Huff Post, although that is a pretty darn cool opportunity that my English teacher in high school would have never in a million years thought was possible (bless my heart). 

The reason this really fires me up is because I have the honor of platforming folks that are a part of great initiatives going on around the globe.  I can't wait to share their unique voices and invite people into their story.

What should we keep an eye out for coming up from The Flourish Market?

Now this is a fun question -- and I'm horrible at keeping secrets.  We will be ushering in Spring styles in February, and we have co-designed some really fun things with several of our artisan partner groups for the first time ever!

In 2016, we will also be introducing new styles twice a month (on the 15th and 30th), and we can't wait to welcome several new groups from around the world to The Flourish Market family. 

There's more.  Sheeshkabobs, I'm going to exercise major restraint and stop typing now.  Definitely sign up for our newsletter list at the bottom of our home page, as we always reveal our secrets to our email besties first ;)

How can our readers best link arms and cheer you on??
Our heart for The Flourish Market is not just for our artisan partner groups; a big driver for us is for women here in the US to know the power behind their purchases, and even more so, the power in their voice and talents.  We have big dreams for you (yes, YOU!) and the best way to cheer us on in this heartfelt goal is to take action on that special something that's been brewing in your heart.  You are more courageous than you could ever imagine, and your voice is worth it.

And if you're interested in joining in on The Flourish Market shenanigans, we would love to have you shake your *virtual* pom poms with us on Instagram and Facebook.  And you are welcome to girl stalk our online boutique at at any time, day or night - wink. 

If you're in or around the Raleigh, NC area, we'd love to have you come give us a hug at an upcoming event for our fashion truck.  Come say hello!  I don't bite, but I must warn you that I give awkwardly long hugs to show my gratefulness for your support.  You've been warned. 

At SHE Changes Everything, we believe the knowledge and resources that empower women to begin to shift toward a more sustainable, healthy, and ethical lifestyle truly can change everything. That’s why we love the Flourish Market SO MUCH and hope that you will too.

Here are some of our favorite things available at Flourish Market!

Peachy Mint Pillow

There’s so much more at www.theflourishmarket.comwith over 30 ethical brands represented in a wide range of prices, each one full of style and dignity . When you find the thing you just can’t live without, treat yourself while doing some good this year!

That’s something we can all get excited about.

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