An Open Letter to Anyone Who Visits This Space

Hello and the warmest welcome to you!

We’re so excited you are here to learn and grow in all things Sustainable, Healthy, and Ethically.

This is — and always will be — a safe place to grow. We are all “somewhere” on our journey, but as long as we all understand the importance of constant growth we’re all in the same place: moving forward. We only ask that you keep your comments and interactions here constructive, supportive, and non-judgmental. We’re all fighting our own battles and living our own “wild and precious life.”

We are not all the same, so what makes one person thrive will not necessary be the best for someone else. We are here to cheer you on in your unique, beautiful journey.

It takes committed intention to shift toward something better — but never fall into the trap of thinking that progress is all or nothing for you or for anyone. Progress is progress is progress (isn’t that a beautiful, freeing thought!), and we want to celebrate every single step forward no matter how big or small with you!

Your steps are always bigger then you think because they count on your own journey building long-term health and also toward the greater empowerment of women around the world, the causes supported by your purchase, the health of the planet, the accountability of all the companies you chose to support with your dollars, and SO MUCH MORE! Phew, just look at your multi-tasking self go!

Are you ready to dream…and DO with us?

The SHE Team