SHE Spotlight: Madi Williams

When we met Madi Williams, her positive spirit and energetic passion for ethical living really inspired us. There's something so cool about seeing how unique each and every one of of our journeys and passions are! If there's a way to challenge yourself and create a conversation around awareness for sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) choices, Madi will find it. (Read on, you'll see what we mean!) She's been an incredible addition to the SHE team! We think you'll be inspired as well learning a little more about her sustainable, healthy, and ethical journey and reading some of her tips. Enjoy! 

Name:  Madi Williams 

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV (but I’ve lived almost everywhere!) 

School you’re attending:

Taylor University for Christian Ministries and Orphan & Vulnerable Children. 

What does sustainable, healthy, and ethical mean to you? 

Sustainable, healthy, and ethical altogether mean living the best life for myself and everyone around me. Individually, sustainable means something that lasts or can be used in multiple ways. Healthy means what’s best for my body, whether it be what I’m putting into it or how much I’m working out. Ethical means making the right moral choice in any decision - including fashion ones! 

What are your favorite sustainable, healthy, and ethical brands/products? 

I’m a huge Noonday fan! I also really like OseaWear Pact, and anything second-hand! 

What’s your favorite way to engage people in conversations about ethical / sustainable living? 

I love when people compliment me on my fair trade jewelry or clothes! They typically follow up with, “Where did you get it?” which creates a great conversation about what I’m buying, what the company is doing, and why it’s all so important! 

What are some small changes you’ve recently made to keep living more sustainably, healthy, and ethically?  

The easiest change for me is to only use reusable water bottles and fill them up several times a day! I’ve also given up drinks other than water, though I do occasionally treat myself to a cup of coffee from a locally owned coffee shop!  

What/who opened your eyes to sustainable / ethical living? Do you remember reading something? Talking to someone? 

I did Dressember for the first time in 2014 and started following a couple of other ladies who were doing it on Instagram (@lindeedaniel and @johannatropiano). Both started talking about this thing call “ethical fashion” and the more I started learning - the more I knew I need to start purchasing my clothes ethically and sustainably!  

You did Dressember. But you put your own twist on it by doing it a YEAR! What was that experience like? How did you decide to do it?  

Yes I did! I did Dressember in 2014 and knew I had to do more throughout the year to stop modern day slavery. I saw how successful Dressember was in creating support for such an important cause and I randomly considered doing that for a whole year... so I started my Year in A Dress July 2015. Overall, it was a super positive experience! I loved how when I got dressed every morning, I not only looked nice but I was dressing with a purpose. I was able to start a lot of great conversations about human trafficking and raise a lot of money for International Justice Mission and the A21 Campaign!! 

What is your current challenge?  (Wearing an ethical item every day for a year, correct? ) 

Yes, right now I’m trying to wear an ethically made item every day! I’ve been working on my ethical wardrobe for over a year, so I have plenty of items to choose from! Gathering little accessories like great earring, bacelets, or shoes actually make it easy. My go-to is definitely these studs

What is your favorite guilty pleasure when the going gets tough?

A nap! Or a can of frosting and a few episodes of whatever show I’m currently watching!  (Currently it’s New Girl).