You Don't Have to Break Up With Your Single-Serve Coffee Maker (Yet!)

So when Keurigs and other single-serve coffee makers hit the market in our fast-paced, who-has-time-for-sleep-let-alone-time-to-brew-a-cup-of-coffee world, it looked like a life-saver. And it was, for our coffee fix. For the planet though? Not so much. In fact, not even a little.

It took a little for the reality to sink in, but our little single-serve pods were filling landfills at an alarming rate. In 2014, enough K-Cups (made for Keurigs) were sold that they would circle the globe 10.5 times if you laid them end-to-end. And almost 100% of them are not recyclable and went straight to landfills. That is a sustainability nightmare.

Once that realty sets in, the guilt sets in. The planet versus your morning cup of coffee. (It’s ok, we know how hard answering that seemingly simple question is – and we even understand if you kept using your Keurig  : )

Even the inventor of the Keurig regretted his invention once the reality of the environmental nightmare set in.

So if you cared about sustainability, the question was real: did you have to break up with your single serve coffee machine?

The answer was “Yes,” unless a better option presented itself. Great news, it has!

First, you can use refillable K-Cups (which Keurig insanely tried to eliminate a few years ago until consumer uproar forced them to bring it back for the 2.0  version), letting you re-use the same cup over and over and over again, skipping the landfill that way.

Another new option is the eco-pod from, Cameron’s Coffee, a small-batch coffee company out of Minneapolis has created a sustainable, compostable single-service coffee pod that’s compatible with Keruig and other single serve machines and makes a delicious cup of coffee! We haven't seen anything like it! 

Cameron’s BetterBrew Eco Coffee Pods are made of renewable plant-based materials with compostable lidding and rings that will return to the earth within 90 days.

The pods also use a coffee filter instead of a plastic cup, so your coffee tastes like it would straight from a traditional drip coffee maker, giving you real drip brewed coffee with the convenience of a single-serve brewer, without the burnt plastic taste.

We really care about the flavor of our coffee, so this is a huge bonus. And yes, you can taste the difference! 

In addition to taking sustainability seriously with the eco-pod, Cameron’s line of eco-pods also include 5 sustainability blends that are certified organic, Rainforest Alliance, Shade Grown and Fairtrade.

These are the blends we fully support and recommend. Currently, Cameron’s does not have a decaf option in the sustainability blends, but hopefully that will be possible eventually!

Beyond launching BetterBrew Eco Coffee pods, Cameron’s takes great care to roast its coffee in the most energy efficient ways, including virtually eliminating all water waste in production.  

We actually are huge proponents of finding healthy, sustainable choices that work for each individual's actual life. Over time, we do believe there are better options than using a single-serve coffee machine. But getting a "convenience-without-the-waste-guilt" pod option while you are moving toward better coffee options is a huge boost a the journey toward more conscious, sustainable choices. 

The BetterBrew Eco Coffee Pod is compatible with Keurig machines, including the 2.0 versions, and many other single cup brewers. You can purchase yours here. And while you’re on the website, click around and read the company's sustainability missionbrewing practices, investment in the coffee farmers and their communities, and more. We think you’ll love what you read!

We take the quality of coffee very seriously here at SHE! In order to have a SHE impact, it have to be #sustainable, #healthy (both for the person drinking and the person growing it – no nasty pesticides), and #ethical. We are happy that Cameron's provides coffee that checks off these boxes! 

Want more? Read our conversation with Cameron’s Coffee founder Bill Kirkpatrick! He is AWESOME, has an incredible amount of knowledge on how to source and brew the perfect cup of coffee, and cares about people and the planet!