Introducing: #SHEbaby


I can't believe I get to type this but.... a little #SHEBaby is on the way! 

Right after returning from a trip to Africa with my husband, we were floored to find out that my "malaria" symptoms were, in fact, pregnancy!

Pregnancy didn't come easy for us, which is likely also true for many of you. Regardless of what each of our journeys look like, the news that a new life will soon depend completely on you rocks your world.

Over the past couple of years, my husband and I slowly began to shift toward a more sustainable, healthy, and ethical lifestyle (with the help of the rest of the SHE team, of course). So, as our family will soon grow from two to three, I have to admit that this exciting news was initially a bit paralyzing. We felt caught in the space of wanting to choose the best for our child, carrying over the shifts we're making for ourselves, but not quite knowing where to begin. 

A sustainable, healthy, and ethical nursery SOUNDS like something an excellent mom would strive for in preparation for her first born, right? But as I find myself several months into the process, I'm realizing that it's also a bit more complicated than that. Maybe our little one's crib will be made in the USA out of sustainable and non-toxic materials. Maybe I'll find some great sources for GOTS-certified organic cotton clothing for baby's sensitive skin. But let's be honest. Breastfeeding? Sleep deprivation? After birth, I'm going to set my goals really high and just try to keep this child alive. I'm prioritizing some key things what will work for our family and hope to build on those good, better, or best choices over time, but we won't have a completely "SHE" nursery...and I'm okay with that.

Here's why: A burden of perfection will keep all of us from ever starting to make changes, when in fact research shows that little changes are far more powerful in the long-term than striving for hit-or-miss, all-or-nothing changes.  I'm committed to the long-term choices I make for my child, but I'll never succeed if I'm totally overwhelmed by perfection to start. 

Isn't that exactly how shifting toward a more sustainable, healthy, and ethical lifestyle goes for all of us, whether in the areas of mothering, wellness, or fashion? We slowly make changes over time as we learn, encouraging each other as a community of intentional women, and we're able to do more as new resources become available. 

I want my child to learn that there are real people with real stories behind the clothes we all wear and even the rug on the floor, and that thrifting and repurposing are GREAT options to reduce consumer demand and pollution. I also want to do my best to avoid harsh chemicals in things like paint, his or her stroller, and the clothes we choose by making simple "good," "better," or "best" choices. But I also want to raise a child who knows that perfection is not an idol, our worth is not found in things at all, and that the goal is to always to learn and grow, encouraging others along the way.

At SHE Changes Everything, our vision is to come alongside each other in community as we all shift together toward a more sustainable, healthy, and ethical lifestyle. Where one of us is a wealth of knowledge, the other may be just beginning to explore... Introducing #SHEbaby! As we wade through options for our nursery such as furniture, rugs, strollers, and clothing in preparation for our precious little #babyraymond, we are excited to invite you to join the conversation. We have been busy building relationships with some incredible sustainable, healthy, and ethical baby and childrens' brands. Our vision is to share what we learn about good, better, and best products and provide a go-to resource where education is key, reviews and photos of products in action are shared, and the door for communication without judgement is wide open. Let's cheer each other on, mommas! 


Lindsey and the SHE Team