The DRESSEMBER Survival Guide: How one woman wore a dress for an entire year and lived to tell about it

We are Dressember newbies here at SHE Changes Everything, but have been inspired to join the party this year after one of our SHE interns, Madi, wore a dress for an ENTIRE YEAR (and is still breathing!). She the only way she got through an entire year was to remember her "why:" Dressember is about bringing awareness to the millions of women and girls trapped in slavery - and doing it in a way that authentically reflects you. When you put it that way, wearing a dress every day doesn't seem quite so hard, right?! So, for our benefit AND yours, Madi has compiled a list of helpful and creative tips to prevent all of us from spinning into a closet-makeover frenzy as we DRESS our way through December! 

4 Ways to Maximize the Versatility of Dresses you Already Own: 

We love this complete look from @imfixintoblog

We love this complete look from @imfixintoblog

  1. Tights. Tights are your new best friend. We really like these organic versions from Wear Pact - but any will do! You can also wear jeans and leggings under your dresses for something fun and warm. 

  2. Layers. Layering can create so many different outfits out of one dress. You can wear the same dress the whole month and wear different sweaters and cardigans and jackets each day for something different everyday. Check out The Flourish Market for gorgeous layering sweaters - don't forget to use the code SHESHIMMERS for free shipping and to help support SHE Changes Everything as we grow! 

  3. Chambray tops. You can wear them like a cardigan or a button-down, tie them a variety of different ways, or even wear them under a dress with the collar peeping out. They match just about everything! This time of year, we suggest thrifting your chambray. If you're ever in Santa Barbara, stop in to our favorite consignment shop, The Closet. For online thrifting, check out ThredUp!

  4. Accessories. Accessories can take your outfit to a whole new level. Scarves, necklaces, belts, even shoes can all transform a dress from one day to the next. Check out some of our favorite accessory brands that spread dignity while updating your look: Fashion&Compassion, FashionAble, 31 Bits


5 Places to Look for Dresses: 

  1. Your closet. All you REALLY need for Dressember is ONE dress!  
  2. A friend’s closet. Gather up a few friends and swap dresses once you’re done wearing them. All the money you’re saving on dresses can be donated to your campaign! 

  3. Thrift stores. Try a local thrift store in your area to breathe new life into inexpensive, quality finds. You could also try an online thrift store like Thred Up.   

  4. Rent a dress. You can use dress rental services such as Rent the Runway for special events. 

  5. Elegantees. Check out their Dressember line of dresses, which are made by survivors of human trafficking in Nepal. And they're just gorgeous...see? Told ya!

The Dressember Collection from Elegantees

The Dressember Collection from Elegantees

No matter how you style your dresses, wear them with confidence! You are changing the world right where you are, and that's a BIG DEAL. Together, we can raise money and spread awareness about human trafficking, one conversation at a time, and it can all start with something as simple as a dress. You can be a part of an army of well-"dressed" (Ha! See what we did there?) advocates who are capable of changing the world. Be sure to sign up here!  

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