2 Veteran-Owned, Sustainable Companies We Love!

Shown:  Green Field Pack , Sword & Plough 

Shown: Green Field Pack, Sword & Plough 

Every day, but especially today, we should celebrate and honor our veterans. No matter what your political affiliation, we all can appreciate the sacrifices veterans have made to keep our country free. What if we told you that you could use your purchasing power to honor and support veterans, empower military spouses, and reduce waste … all at the same time? Here are two amazing companies that do just that!

Sword & Plough, Repurposed for a Purpose

One of our favorite things about Sword & Plough is its amazing story. Two sisters, Emily and Betsy, grew up in a military family with an interest in fashion and giving back to their community. As an ROTC cadet, Emily realized she could help reduce wasted military surplus, empower veteran employment, and strengthen civil-military understanding by incorporating surplus military material into stylish bags. Sword & Plough works with American manufacturers that employ veterans and donates 10% of profits back to veteran organizations. They also have a Brand Champion program that employs veterans and military spouses as company representatives. Their models are military veterans! Even more amazing is the fact that Sword & Plough CEO, Emily, is still serving as an active-duty U.S. Army officer.

The name Sword & Plough originates from the ancient saying “to turn swords into ploughshares,” which means to take military technologies and materials and apply them to peaceful civilian applications.

If you are active duty, a veteran, or a military spouse, don't miss out on your 10% discount when you create an account and free shipping on orders over $100! 


R. Riveter, American Handmade

The co-founders of R. Riveter know first-hand the challenges of maintaining a career despite frequent moves to duty-stations. Frustrated by a lack of meaningful employment, they formed their company with a mission to provide a high quality, sustainable, and handmade product while providing a portable income to military spouses. Ever since creating their original handbag prototypes, they have repurposed discarded military materials such as retired military uniforms, canvas tents, tent liners and wool blankets.

Shown: Hobby Bag in Signature Denim and Black, R. Riveter

Shown: Hobby Bag in Signature Denim and Black, R. Riveter

R. Riveter has a very unique business model. Each component of R. Riveter’s bags and accessories can be assembled remotely and the company has a network of remote riveters — military spouses or veterans located throughout the United States. These riveters can continue their work with R. Riveter no matter where they relocate.

While striving to empower military spouses through mobile and creative career opportunities, R. Riveter also makes an effort to partner with like-minded non-profit, veteran-owned, and military-spouse founded organizations.

A lot is sacrificed during war times, but the reality of how much of an environmental impact protecting our country makes is shocking! Tents, tarps, camouflage patterns and fabrics are often replaced and updated by our military, but where does it all go? Fortunately, these two companies are able to repurpose thousands of pounds of military surplus, all while doing good for veterans and their families.

To all of you currently serving, veterans, and especially to all military spouses, we see you and we deeply appreciate your sacrifice. From everyone here at SHE to all of you, we say THANK YOU today and every day! 







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