Celebrate Farm-To-Table Food & Support Local Charities With Sunday Suppers + a Brunch

You might not think that dining on incredible, flavor-packed food as a place to make a difference, but it is!

If you live in Las Vegas you can take part in the Sunday Suppers + a Brunch, presented by Tivoli Village, fresh52 Farmers Markets, and Chef Mayra Trabulse this fall.

These two Sunday Suppers and one brunch celebrate local farm-to-table food, local business, and will support three local charities!  There are three different dates to choose from all supporting a different charity. Check out the schedule and find the one that means the most to you!

Chef Mayra is a vegan chef who design her meals to shatter people’s expectations for plant-based food and open up a consciousness of where their food comes from.

Chef Mayra Trabulse, “Dr. Flavor,” is the owner of Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro, a 100% cruelty free restaurant in Las Vegas (which is currently relocating and set to open fall 2017 or Spring 2018), and she is on a mission to educate people on “farm-to-table” eating.  

Farm-to-table eating means the food on your plate is local food that’s been picked and delivered straight to the chef. It focuses on food served with as little time as possible between when it was picked and when you eat it.

We LOVE farm-to-table eating here at SHE for several reasons.

Farm-to-table food is generally more nutritious. Why? Many food growers will pick food early, before it is fully ripe and full of all the nutrients possible. This helps prevent foods from going bad during travel. Some studies estimate the average distance your food will travel is 1,500 miles!  While this system helps us all access food year round that we wouldn’t normally be able to get, when it is possible to get local food (picked at the height of freshness and nutrient-density) that’s the BEST way to go! It’s absolutely the most nutritious and usually takes better.

Farm-to-table food is also better for the environment. If being shipped by an 18-wheel semitruck, almost 500 gallons of diesel fuel would be used to haul food its average distance of 1,500 miles, versus virtually no fuel used to deliver local food.

Farm-to-table supports local economies as well, supporting local farmers who often care more about the environment and growing the best food. They take it personally. 

That's a lot of good that can happen from choosing to eat more farm-to-table when you can. 

“Your fork is a voice,” emphasizes Chef Mayra. “You are making a decision how you are spending money on food three times a day. That’s more power than most people realize.”

Going beyond vegan or vegetarian, Chef Mayra encourages people to use their voice by voting other food issues, including no GMOs, choosing organic, and limiting processed food choices.

“We don’t know where our food comes from and I want to change that with these dinners,” Chef Mayra says. “All the foods are local and from farmers and suppliers that I personally know,” she adds.

If it is not organic, local food from less than 200 miles away, it isn’t on the menu for this event.  

“It is a pioneer event in the beautiful Tivoli Village designed to present the full flavors and experience of vegan, organic food, while showcasing how beautiful the food can be,” Chef Mayra explains.

If you live in Las Vegas, don’t miss the opportunity to come together as a community and join in celebrating some amazing causes. Get the full details, check out the charities that will be supported, and sign up here:  www.SundaySuppers.SplashThat.com.

FIRST THEME: “Otoño Romántico” (“Romantic Autumn”)
DATE: Sunday, October 16, 2016
TIME:  4:00pm-7:00pm
MENU: “Love & Local”
Menu will be posted two weeks prior to the event

SECOND THEME: “Happy ThanksLiving, A Life Celebration”
DATE: Sunday, November 13, 2016
TIME: 4:00pm - 7:00pm
MENU: A Family & Friends Celebration                             
BENEFITING: Create a Change Now
Menu will be posted two weeks before the event

THIRD THEME: “Holiday Farmhouse& Cocktails”    
DATE: Sunday, December 18, 2016
TIME: 11:30 AM -2:00 PM      
MENU: “Giving from the Heart”
BENEFITING: Project 150, (a local) non profit helping more than 2,500 homeless, displaced and disadvantaged high school students iin our community obtain food, clothing, hygiene products, school supplies and support they need to continue high school, graduate and thrive.
Menu will be posted two weeks before the event